Who we are

We knew what had led us to join forces to start this joint project. Therefore, it had to be with this same concept.

The enthusiasm, the good mood and the desire to do things related to skateboarding would always be thanks to a new and free energy for everyone. Therefore, everyone should have access to and benefit. A physical activity. A way of understanding life by flowing. A way to overcome one’s limitations. A union of people who want to do the same.

369 is a figure that sums up a method of laws, with which much of the theory of the functioning of the universe works, according to inventor Nikola Tesla. We have discovered that we can find ourselves on a conceptual level with some of his theories. The fantastic contribution of solving a type of free energy for all, as Nikola Tesla intended, makes us think of the energy that skateboarding provides in a group of people who practice it.

When you’re a skateboarder and you’re part of this community, it’s amazing how bonded it is and how much energy a good group session can generate.

We want to convey that everyone has this opportunity to join. To start or to come back.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never skated before, you can grab a skateboard and start today.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t skate anymore. If you have been a skateboarder you will remain so forever and we will be waiting for you here. You can join whenever you want.

Our online store aims to be able to offer you what you need, when you decide to do so.


Our Concept

Energy. Free. Universe. All kinds of people. All kinds of ideology. Positive. Union. Strength. Decision. No time for reflection. Action. Trial and error. Try a thousand times. Don’t give up. Get it every time. Fully. Don’t hesitate. I walk forward. I always work from the inside out. Never introspection, always carry out on a real and external plane, to share, and leave a record.

There is no better or worse. But there is attitude. Each one in their own moment, interest and objective can coincide in doing things with a thorough dedication. Join the honest and free energy. The result of a concept that everyone can follow. Energy for all. Free. Free. You just have to surrender, honestly and without prejudice.

Mature way of thinking. Unapologetic. No time to waste.

No sexes, no flags, no races…. We are what we are, and we are all made of the same energy.

We can put it together.
If you enjoy
what we enjoy, you can add up.

369boards It’s no coincidence that you’re here.


Where are we?